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Thu, Jul. 5th, 2012, 05:25 pm
kid_lit_fan: $100 for only 45 minutes

I hope that this posting meets the community standards. There are no sales nor promotion involved in the research.

I work for Plaza Research, a national market research and medical research company. We are currently recruiting for a study about Hemophilia. We are seeking adults with Hemophilia A to participate in a study in our offices in downtown San Francisco (convenient to BART, Muni and low-cost parking.).

The study itself will take place in person in downtown San Francisco. We have various times available, on weekdays from July 24-July 31st.

There is a brief telephone screening to make sure that you do qualify (a few questions regarding when you were diagnosed and your treatment regiment).
The study pays $100 for a 45 minute interview.

To see if you qualify, or if you have questions, please call 415 984 0400 and ask for Beth.

Thank you